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A Better Pool

We believe in building a better pool, with the hydraulics, maintenance and safety in mind.

 We are the proud pioneers in Hillsborough, Pinellas, and Pasco counties in the main drain less pools, completely eliminating drain suction entrapment.

We call it the drain less circulation system (DCS) and it comes standard on all our pools !  It completely eliminates main drain suction entrapment. A hot topic in the swimming pool industry today.

 With low returns for better circulation and two skimmers standard on all our pools, we believe we build a safer ,more chemically efficient  and much easier to maintain swimming pool. Most builders will charge extra for these items.


 Do people want a lot of maintenance ?

Do people want to spend more money on keeping their pool clean ?

Do people really want to swim in a pool that is not safe for their family ?

I don’t think so !

 At Custom Pools and Remodeling by Shannon W Stevens LLC. We build every single pool with these entire features standard. We pride ourselves in building one of the easiest to maintain, most economical, and safest pools in the industry and we will not charge you more to build it right.

In any business, a company must decide what niche in the marketplace they want to fill.

With our vast experience, we had a few different directions we could have gone. We could have gone in the direction of the large volume builder. To do so, all we had to do was become the preferred pool builder for a few of the bay areas large homebuilders. With just a couple of good homebuilder accounts we could build hundreds of pools a year. We decided against that route because we knew that there is a specific point when volume takes precedence over quality and service.

 We could have also decided to be one of the areas discount builders. All you need there is to find inexpensive products, use the lower priced sub contractors, cut a few corners, and advertise as much as possible in the bay areas coupon books and count mailings. These were not the directions we wanted to go.

We decided to go a direction that very few companies were going. We decided to build premium custom pools with quality standards that would be unmatched in the industry. First we provided a drug free work place, found the finest equipment and products the industry has to offer and hired and continually train quality people whose skills would help us deliver a final product that would be unsurpassed.
We will never tell you that we are perfect but we always try hard to meet and exceed your expectations.  
We challenge you to find a higher quality constructed swimming pool with more progressive, unique construction techniques and equipment. Our hands on in house team assure you of the highest level of customer service and satisfaction.


Our future is your satisfaction.
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